S1E9 – A: State Dilemmas – Announcement

Hola my dear readers,

In episode nine of this series we are meant to analyse the ethical dilemmas that governments face, it has been a long journey and this is one of the last stops in this theory.

While individual and business dilemmas were relatively easy to analyse using the DREMSI method, it has taken me much longer to digest and solve the puzzles from a Government perspective. The difficulty lies in two critical factors:

  • First, the role the government plays within society is ambiguous, with multiple perspectives on what is or should the government be in charge of; this makes social expectations hard to pin down. Without a clear perspective, is impossible to know if they are breaking expectations or not.
  • Second, the classification of injuries is not too effective on the scale, for example, is the death of one person critical damage to society?  Is a problem of 1000 people an issue for a society of millions?

I am confident the DREMSI method can be applied, I just need to have a deeper review of society as a system and the respective expectations that apply to a government.

With this in mind, I don’t feel the current version of the episode brings enough value to the table. I have written a vague draft which is available on my Patreon. I am hoping I can publish this episode within the next six months.

In case you want to be a sparring person, ill be very happy to discuss it with you, just send me an email at jaimelugo@h-29.com

I’ll put the episode as soon as it’s ready. Until then I will aim to publish phase four of this work. An ethical framework.

NEXT: Phase 4, S1E10 – An Ethical Framework

Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Battle of the Moneybags

S1E8 – D: Extended accountabilities

In this final section of Companies Dilemmas, we handle the controversial topic of Extended Accountabilities, aiming to define how far is a company responsible for the actions of external parties when running a business.

Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Battle of the Moneybags

S1E8 – C: Companies and the Greater good

In this episode, we handle how companies should consider solving «Greater Good» Dilemmas such as inequality and sustainability. A very common and valid question that doesn’t have an easy answer and even at times relies more on the government and the consumer than the company in itself.

Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Battle of the Moneybags

S1E8 – B: Client based dilemma

The most critical relationship for any business is the one with its clients! we all know that the customer is King, but to which level? In this section, we explore typical ethical dilemmas that companies face while interacting with their consumers.

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