DREMSI - Ethical judgment using a role-based perspective.

Reinventing Ethics.

The idea of this series is to present you with an ethical theory called DREMSI, which proposes a new way to make ethical decisions. This theory responds to the current ethical relativism that is stopping the field from moving forward.

In practical sense, using DREMSI one makes better ethical decisions. The key lies on the ability to organize the facts using role-based behavioral expectations when looking at the situation. The decision taking process incorporates important elements from Utilitarianism, Deontology and Social Contract, ending up with an intuitive methodology to solve dilemmas. 

The series is divided into four phases, with a phase zero that serves as a soft introduction to the whole project. What you see written is DRAFT 1, the idea is to improve the writing and make the narrative more consistent in 2023.

Phase 0 – A snapshot of this work. A macro overview of what you can expect from H-29 and the first season on ethics.

Phase 1 – A new perspective of ethics using Culture and Complexity Science. An introduction to the major theoretical inspirations for this work and a display of how it solves classical dilemmas.

Phase 2 – The DREMSI Methodology in detail. An in-depth review of the major concepts of the theory.

Phase 3 – Solving ethical dilemmas. Analyzing different situations at Individual and Company level.

Phase 4 – Ethical frameworks for responsible living (Expected Mid 2023)

  • E10 – Framework for an Ethical Life
  • E11 – Framework for Corporations.
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